Fall-Themed Dance Lessons For Kids

If you're planning fall-inspired dance lessons for kids ages 3-6, take your cues from nature. Teach young children about the natural world while encouraging them to move and dance at the same time. Not only will they learn about the changing seasons, they'll also have a chance to work on coordinated movements and sharpening their direction-taking skills while using their creativity. 

When planning the autumn-themed dance lesson plans, take the youngsters' short attention spans into consideration. Keep the classes moving and evolving to hold the children's attention throughout the duration. Incorporate the colors, animals, and other natural elements of the season into the lessons to capture and keep the kids' attentions. 

Here are some whimsical, fall-inspired dance lesson ideas to consider:

1. Dancing with Scarves

Gather as many lightweight, flowing scarves as you need in a variety of autumn hues, such as gold, brown, rust orange and sage green. Have each kid take a scarf, and run around the room waving it as if it was blowing on the wind like falling leaves. 

Explain how and why the leaves change colors and fall off the trees each fall to deepen the lesson. You can also bring in a few colorful leaves for the kids to throw and catch as they move. 

2. Animal Imitations 

Another fun way to keep little kids moving is by having them imitate different fall animals, such as squirrels, foxes, and deer. Explain a little about each animal and how they interact during the autumn months, such as gathering nuts or preparing for hibernation.

Watch a short documentary or read a book about the animals, and then instruct the dancers to imitate their critter of choice through movement. They may choice to run, bounce, hop, or make climbing motions as they move about the dance studio. 

You can also end the class by having the kids draw or color pictures of the fall animals. 

3. Halloween-Inspired Movement 

Incorporate Halloween into the a lesson or two by allowing the small dancers dress up in costumes. You can either provide simple costumes, such as sheets for ghosts or witch hats, or have the students bring their own.

Then, ask them to dance and move as the costumed character. For instance, you can have a black cat leap and slink across the floor, a witch gallop with a toy broom, or a ghost dance in a soft, flowing movements. 

For more information, contact dance schools in your area, such as Crescendo Dance Academy.